Guggenheim Real Estate

Guggenheim Real Estate enables institutional and high net worth clients to pursue actively managed commercial real estate investment strategies.

Our business combines the benefits of a strong operating history and well-funded sponsorship with the creative and entrepreneurial perspective of a small, nimble investment management team.


Founded in 2001, Guggenheim Real Estate was inspired by a common vision to bring real estate investment to the same level of sophistication enjoyed by other asset classes. We aim to capitalize on real estate's evolution into a more liquid marketplace, and to apply state-of-the-art analytics to achieve higher returns and greater diversification on behalf of our clients.

Investment Platform

Guggenheim Real Estate invests across a wide spectrum of the real estate market, including:

  • Direct Real Estate Investments
  • REIT Securities
  • Private Funds
  • Secondary Market Fund and Partnership Units
  • Preferred Equity and Mezzanine Debt Financing
  • Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS)

Value Creation

We seek value on behalf of clients in a number of ways. Our mission is to:

  • Create and actively manage optimal portfolios by combining top-down research with bottom-up market feedback;
  • Focus on relative value across the breadth of the real estate universe;
  • Strategically diversify portfolio exposure as appropriate; and
  • Tap into the best manager and partner execution within each market segment.

Experienced Team

Our management team works together internally across our platform, as well as with outside managers and other information sources, to derive maximum value from our diversified set of investment vehicles.

We believe our team is one of the most experienced in the industry, providing expertise in investment strategy, portfolio construction, manager selection, research, and transactions.

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  • An established, 10+ year track record
  • Comprehensive (public and private) exposure to the commercial real estate markets
  • Full spectrum of commercial real estate investment strategies (core, core plus, value-add, opportunistic)
  • Distinctive research infrastructure and information platform generates sophisticated market analysis and allocation parameters
  • Actively managed portfolios focused on relative value within the real estate sector
  • Customized solutions