Investments: Fixed Income Capabilities

Guggenheim’s fundamental investment philosophy and our approach to managing fixed income strategies have remained consistent. Our overall goal is to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to protect and grow our clients’ capital. Within each mandate, we recognize that clients often have specific requirements for income, yield and duration, among other objectives.

One of our greatest strengths is providing customized solutions designed to meet those individualized needs. We apply the following capabilities toward achieving our clients’ goals:

Innovative Ideas

Guggenheim’s culture fosters innovative thinking. We specialize in custom designed solutions that are unlike “cookie cutter” products from many other investment managers.

Broad Expertise

Guggenheim’s fixed income teams bring expertise up and down the capital structure – ranging from government and corporate credit, to preferred and common stock, to the origination of bank loans and private placements.

Middle Market Specialization

Guggenheim focuses on identifying, researching, and purchasing middle market investments, which are oftentimes mispriced or overlooked by our peer group. We believe these opportunities can provide a complementary risk-reward profile to more benchmark-dedicated investment strategies.

Proprietary Research and Analysis

Guggenheim employs more than 150 investment professionals dedicated to research, evaluation and management of fixed income assets. In addition, our 17-person, dedicated legal team reviews covenants, credit agreements and bond indentures so that we fully understand the protections and rights of each security prior to purchase for client portfolios.

Embedded Risk Management

Risk management is designed to mitigate unwanted risk at every stage of the investment process. It includes in-depth credit research at the front end of the process, pre-trade and post-trade compliance checks that incorporate client guidelines, and daily monitoring of news that could affect the portfolio.

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Fixed Income Offerings

Our fixed income offerings include:

Asset Backed Securities

Bank Loans

Cash Short Duration

Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities

Core/Core Plus

High Yield



Residential Mortgage Backed Securities

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