Investment Advisory Solutions

The driving principle behind Guggenheim Investment Advisory Solutions is to provide sophisticated stewards of capital access to thoroughly vetted products and services sourced from across the global marketplace. These products and services are then supported by a collaborative team of professionals fully committed to helping you provide the best service possible to your clients.

Through the Investment Advisory Solutions platform and affiliated entities, we enable select intermediaries to access the depth and breadth of Guggenheim’s human and financial capital, offering:

  • Access to a comprehensive platform of investment solutions based on Guggenheim’s research, due diligence and manager selection processes.
  • Access to portfolio construction and management capabilities utilizing an approach to risk tolerance assessment developed in conjunction with a Nobel Laureate.
  • Access to global product development, structure and distribution capabilities.
  • Access to business solutions from across Guggenheim’s business practices, including investment banking and insurance.

Our platform is predicated on the conviction that the greatest value is delivered by an open architecture concept. The central premise of an open architecture model is that the platform must be free to source from a worldwide pool of investment options based on their merits and only their merits. Once identified, each product is then put through the same stringent vetting process. This includes significant due diligence on the investment managers themselves – their pedigree, performance and commitment to their investment style, as well as an operational and business review. These efforts ultimately yield a suite of investment options that span all asset classes but share a common level of quality.